American Luxury
By : | March 20, 2014

Cookies & Creme Closed Storage – Caracole

American luxury furniture and furnishing brand Caracole’s collection of beautiful modern pieces will now be available to the Indian connoisseurs of luxury. Brought down by Space Design Collective, an interior design solutions group that creates and offers world-famous interior design solutions in the country, these gorgeous lush-coloured furnishings and furniture pieces are perfect for India’s modern homes. They have a wide collection that can fit in anywhere – from a luxury apartment in Mumbai to a plush villa in Delhi or Bangalore.

Established in 2009, Caracole, which literally means ‘a beautiful turn in a new direction’, is associated with furniture and furnishings that can be best described as ‘playful’ and ‘exciting’. The brand believes in blending unique and stylish design elements with functionality. So, while the furniture pieces look au courant they are also extremely functional.


Seeing Double Closed Storage – Caracole

You can buy the Caracole range in three style categories – Classic Contemporary, Naturally Casual and New Traditional, the last being an interpretation of already well-established styles. There are beds with curved legs and the old-world headboard but in sizes that are easy to fit in modern apartments, and some with upholstered headboards. There are cabinets and consoles with art deco-style legs. Their French Connection line of furniture has pieces like consoles and chairs in deep ombre shades, with a finish that takes on a deep taupe colour and gradually becomes lighter at the top. The brand also has a couture line of bespoke upholstery – you can select from a range of fabrics, textures and finishes or correlate it with any colour interior palette.


Smoke and Mirrors Closed Storage – Caracole

There is an exquisite attention to details, especially when it comes to the delicate lattice design in woodwork and the craftsmanship of brass accents on the furniture pieces. Among their signature pieces is a lovely Smoke and Mirrors Close Storage cabinet with handmade glass from Italy and a mix of modern materials.

With prices starting at Rs 2 lakh for a bed, Rs 95,000 for consoles, Rs 1.50 lakh for a sofa and Rs 85,000 for a chair, and a range of furniture and furnishings that are both modern and classical at the same time, Coracole is as luxurious as it gets.