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Deepali Nandwani is the Editor-in-chief of Mediascope Publicitas, which publishes BlackBook, India's first magazine on the luxury trade. Among her passions are art gallery hopping and interacting with young Indian designers and architects.

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By : Deepali Nandwani | November 12, 2013

High-profile wedding planners with big teams orchestrate huge destination weddings, putting together elaborate wardrobes, entertainment packages for the events leading up to the wedding and intricate d├ęcor. They also control the biggest pie of India’s multi-crore wedding business. Indian Wedding Weddings aren’t what they used to be anymore. I remember with some amount of nostalgia […]


By : Deepali Nandwani | August 23, 2013

Themed residential villas. Branded apartments. Golf cities. Mumbai opens up to uber-luxe, high-gloss designer residences that match the best in any global city across the world. Yoo in India Indian luxury developers, dealing with a slowdown, have found several ways to break the ennui that consumers of luxury real estate – people who travel frequently […]


By : Deepali Nandwani | August 9, 2013

While Belgians are famous for their delicious chocolates Japan is also finding favour with its own brand of luxury chocolate, particularly the highly coveted Nama, which sells from Royce’ stores across the world, including New York. Royce now finds a home in Mumbai’s Palladium mall. Royce Chocolate Wafers Founded in Sapporo in 1983, the superlative […]


By : Deepali Nandwani | July 9, 2013

American maverick property developer John Hitchcox has brought his peculiar blend of branded luxury apartments and community enclaves to India. John Hitchcox is betting big on India. “The country is so vibrant – it is like a country in an overdrive,” he says. Having firmly established his association with Panchshil Developers to build a Yoo […]


By : Deepali Nandwani | June 4, 2013

Just this morning, I opened my mail box to find an invite from The Turkish Tourism Board and Turkish Hoteliers Federation, who are planning an elaborate road show to five Indian metros later this month. The focus is on luxury wedding and honeymoon destinations in the little Eurasian country which, they hope, some Indians may […]


By : Deepali Nandwani | April 19, 2013

In a country where opinions change with geographical locations, where a Mumbaikar doesn’t think like a Delhite, and a Bangalorean is far removed from the worldview of a Chennaite, how do luxury brands market themselves? It is a dilemma that the brands have been dealing with for quite a while. Many realise that they have […]


By : Deepali Nandwani | March 11, 2013

The pursuit of design as an element of luxury in India is not such an easy task. Particularly for the indigenous design industry in the country. Ask any Indian designer, and I mean a product designer here, if it is easy to sell in a market where ‘good design’ is synonymous with ‘international designers’. It […]