Burberry Will Stage A Runway Show In The Great Outdoors
By : | June 29, 2020

The British luxury label has announced it will hold a spring 2021 runway show in the great outdoors on September 17.


Burberry is one of the first major brands to confirm its plans for the September fashion weeks. The immersive experience, set for September 17 will be completely carbon neutral, and serve as Burberry’s way to “reconnect with nature and each other.” Where fashion shows used to be invite-only, this digital experience is open to everyone.

“As humans, we have always had a deep affinity to nature. We have had to respect and rely upon its power for our very existence, whilst marveling and reveling in its extraordinary beauty,” Tisci said in a statement. “Especially recently, we have all yearned to reconnect again and for this show, I wanted to celebrate these feelings by bringing our community together in a creative experience that takes place within the beautiful, natural landscape of Britain.”

Burberry Fall/Winter 2019 Campaign

In line with the green vision of the brand, the collection ReBurberry and the vision of the brand , the new experience will be certified Carbon Neutral . For the fashion show scheduled for September, all measures will be applied to reduce the environmental impact of the presentation and the remaining emissions will be offset through Burberry’s Regeneration Fund.

Images Courtesy – Burberry