Cartier’s Panthére Tropicale High Jewelry Watch
By : | July 31, 2020
Image Courtesy – Cartier


The new watch from Cartier’s [Sur]Naturel high jewelry collection is a form of escapism through nature and imagination in superior craftsmanship.

For centuries, jewelers have understood man’s connection to nature – and have been inspired to replicate the natural world’s multitude forms and colors in their designs. And during the quarantine days we’ve been experiencing lately, nature-inspired jewelry become all the more significant

Panthère Tropicale, a high jewelry watch is inspired by Cartier’s panther motif which was first used by the brand in 1914. This bold design offers a hallucinatory combination of aquamarine, tourmaline and coral on a yellow gold cuff capturing all the beauty of a tropical forest. The delicate coral curves contrast with the dense texture and sparkle of stylized panther fur in diamonds and black onyx.

Image Courtesy- Cartier

Pierre Rainero, director of image, style and heritage at Cartier International says, ‘This new panther iteration is very soft and feminine through the use of materials, evoking the strength of the panther at the same time.’

‘This piece is emblematic of Cartier in its style: how different stones and shapes are pieced together without any metal assembling or paved diamonds. It is a real Cartier signature in terms of volume,’ adds Rainero