Cesare Amatulli and their passion for ‘Liquid Gold’
By : | April 15, 2013

LuxuryNext endeavors to seek unique luxury brands is a journey where we are also constantly amazed at the hidden gems we discover and then further reveal to our audience. This time our find is truly special and unusual since what could be more luxurious then a healthy and exquisite connotation of ‘liquid gold’ or better known as extra virgin olive oil. Italy’s most precious ingredient apart from it’s wonderful savory quality this pure oil is also the healthiest, known for its medicinal value, cosmetic preparations and has been part of traditional rituals since the time of ancient Greece.

We focus now on an exemplary story about Cesare Amatulli, an extraordinary gentleman who’s passion for his land, the kind of work he did, Italian rural traditions and his belief in a superior commodity led him to found a company in the early 70s where he started selling extra virgin olive oil in southern Italy’s Apulia region. The legacy continues even today as three generations of passion and commitment have always characterized this extra virgin olive oil. Moreover, the product is a perfect formulation created from centuries-old olive trees, large grindstones, scent of the sea and not to forget the sun-kissed Apulia region.


The remarkable thing about this product is the kind of emphasis that has been laid on the preparation, to give you a brief insight it is obtained through a process of cold extraction and is produced in Italy only in limited quantities to ensure the kind of precision, technique and quality is unmatched. The result is a superior category olive oil which is characterized by low acidity, a golden green color, an intense olive scent and a full, slightly fruity taste. These unique qualities enhance the naturally salutary properties of this extra virgin olive oil; it is particularly good and healthy when used as the main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet although the best way to use this extra virgin olive oil is uncooked.


What truly impressed us is how a normal but significant product with some intelligent positioning can be converted into a treasured brand name to aspire and to own. According to the brand, it believes that their product merges the past with the present, the classic with the modern, the simple with the elegant, the natural with discreet and refined luxury, and ancient customs with the newest techniques. Hence they have positioned their commodity as not only a high-quality olive oil, but something more, an opportunity to buy or to give as a gift, a product which is elegant and completely new in the market, a product related to Italian tradition and history, a product that can make people dream about something discreet but of high value, about taste and quality, health and enjoyment of life.


Additionally and interestingly they have gone to great length and paid special attention to the packaging and aesthetics which is probably considered the hallmark for any product or brand to be considered luxurious. The extra virgin oil is contained in a 500ml bottle with innovative design and high quality glass, embellished with the Cesare Amatulli signature. To provide its patrons with a truly spectacular experience it is also presented in a dark blue lacquered wooden gift box, handmade in Italy with the brand’s name in white and a safe closing system. A soft bag completes the presentation and protects the product in an elegant way. Another noteworthy technique is that they provide their audience a memorable experience by sending a Cesare Amatulli’s card with a personalized message for each client along with the product. In fact, on their website the client has the opportunity to write a personalized message for the receiver who will receive it hand-written on the card, a credible branding initiative.

Apart from Italy, currently the brand is available in USA and UAE through their on-line store (www.cesareamatulli.com) but seeing the kind of positive response they are generating they are planning to expand to other markets as well and we will be sure to inform you when they do!

Aekta Kapoor is the editor of Atelier, a monthly luxury lifestyle glossy published from New Delhi and distributed across 25 cities in India and Europe. She is also the editor of Atelier Diva, a monthly magazine for urban Indian women. Prior to her current role, she was part of the launch team of Marie Claire India.