La Bouche Rouge Launches Fully Sustainable Luxury Makeup Collection
By : | October 16, 2020

With the launch of it’s new make-up line, La Bouche Rouge is entering the 21st century with a new, holistic vision of “Blue Beauty”: clean for you, the planet and the people who produce it.

La Bouche Rouge was co-founded by Nicolas Gerlier with one missionin mind: to bring sustainability to the world of luxury beauty. Free of micro-plastics and housed in customisable, refillable cases, his haute line of lipsticks quickly became a cult favorite. Now the brand has released a complete range of eco-responsible, recyclable and microplastic-free make-up. This includes mascaras housed in glass bottles and brushes composed of castor plant fibres as well as non-plastic refillable lipsticks and gorgeous bronzing powders.

The cosmetic industry is the third most polluting industry, after automotive and fashion. La Bouche Rouge avoids using plastics, even those?recycled.?From their formulation process to their products and distribution in stores, there is no more plastic in their products.

The brand’s new mascara is encased in a recycled glass container

This design-led collection is micro-plastic and cruelty-free, made using all-natural formulations. It features Le Serum Noir mascara – encased in a recycled glass container, Le Khol Noir – a 98 per cent natural formula eyeliner, Le Crayon à Sourcil – an eyebrow pencil, and Le Sérum Sourcil – an eyebrow serum.

The Universal Compact in Metal is a refillable case that houses products such as bronzer, highlighter and eyeshadow. Composed of 100 percent recyclable metal alloy and upcycled leather, the makeup case is infinitely refillable with all La Bouche Rouge products.

The sustainability mission of the brand covers the stores too – there is no plastic used in any La Bouche Rouge stores. Instead reuseable materials like marble, glass, paper, wood or metal are used. The polybags are also bio based and compostable.

From an image and stature point of view, La Bouche Rouge is rather special too: it is supported by LVMH’s Hélios unit – a state-of-the-art cosmetology centre just outside Paris, dedicated to research, creation and innovation for mainstay brands Parfums Christian Dior, Guerlain and Parfums Givenchy. As the initial beauty label to hatch from this high-tech R&D centre, La Bouche Rouge highlights LVMH’s engagement with eco-design and demonstrates a welcome shift towards a circular economy approach.