Luxury Turns to Virtual Reality and Technology
By : | April 20, 2020

As the global impact of the corona virus expands, some luxury brands are finding creative ways to continue connecting buyers and sellers.

Aisha Baker Jewelry
Image courtesy: The House of Luxury

The House of Luxury (HOL), last week, unveiled their new virtual showroom with exclusive virtual trunk shows featuring the celebrated fine jewelry and extraordinary watch brands in their magnificent collections.

Making use of the increased social media consumption and engagement occurring since the onset of the Coronavirus crisis, HOL aims to give luxury consumers a virtual space where they can keep-up with treasured luxury brands while also supporting a noble cause.

Alessa Jewelry
Image courtesy: The House of Luxury

The company’s first virtual trunk show went live on April 11, and featured four brands: the fairy-tale-inspired designs of Aisha Baker, the passion-infused creations of Alessa Jewelry, the classic timepieces of Bvlgari Watches, and the eclectic horlogerie of Franck Muller Watches. Exclusive designs by this quartet of luxury brands will be available for instant purchase via secure link till 11am on 24 April (GMT) when a new quartet of brands will be given their own exclusive virtual trunk show.

The virtual trunk show starts with user registration. The user then moves into a viewing room with high-contrast black-and-white lighting with jewelry displays at each end. A click presents a new menu of brands. Click on Alessa Jewelry, for example, and the photo experience becomes immersive, with 3D and high-definition looks coming onto the screen. And if the user is interested in any of the displayed products, which range from $20 to $200,000, she can use a wire transfer to make purchases at the show.

After the April 11 run, new virtual trunk shows will go live on April 25 and May 9. Luxury brands slated for subsequent trunk shows include YEPREMTabbah and Simone Jewels, as well as avant-garde brands like AvantistMAYADreamboule and Terzihan.

The culmination of each show will be a charity auction benefiting the World Health Organization (WHO).