ROSA – Two ‘Made in Italy’ Excellences in One Rose-Tinted Bottle
By : | June 30, 2020

The lockdown sure shed new light on wine drinking trends across the world. 

Aficionados sat up and watched as the sale of rosé wines went up and the celebratory champagne fizzled down. Across the UK and much of Europe the reason for this was of course, soaring summer temperatures as well as a love for this blushing pink drink that is quickly gaining ground for its approachable style and instagrammable personality. 

Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana joined the rose tinted wine universe recently. Renewing old ties, Dolce & Gabbana and Donnafugata collaborated in the creation of Rosa, a rosé that is replete with a fruity and floral personality.

Rosa –  The Wine

This Sicilian rosé called Rosa, is born from the vintage of 2019 and was harvested around the 8th to 10th October. Two of the most important indigenous vines of the island’s tradition: Nerello Mascalese and Nocera come together in this blushing blend, characterized by a pale pink hue. This wine is defined by an elegant bouquet of jasmine, enriched with delicate hints of wild strawberry, peach and bergamot.

Italy is home to more than 500 ingenious grape varieties and most of them flourish exuberantly in their particular micro-climates. 

This is certainly true of the mineral notes and floral delicacy that the Nerello Mascalese which is the higher percentage in this blend, expresses. A direct impact of the microclimate of the northern slopes of the volcano, Mount Etna, where it is produced. Nocera grapes are an ancient variety that lend a captivating fruity component. 

“With Dolce  & Gabbana – explains José Rallo, head of communication of Donnafugata – we share a sunny vision of Sicily, where the colors, themes of nature and our culture are evoked in an ever new key. It is the fantastic and feminine imagery that is present on our artistic labels, unique works capable of making the personality of each wine shine, in dialogue with art.” 

The Brands 

Dolce & Gabbana and Donnafugata had started their collaboration in 2017 when the designers chose Donnafugata wines for their prestigious Alta Moda event in Palermo. Post this, Donnafugata wines were chosen several times for other important events of Dolce  & Gabbana such as Alta Moda, Alta Sartoria, Alta Gioielleria, that the Italian fashion house dedicates every year to its special creations. All these events have seen the complimenting showcase of the best Donnafugata labels. While this association of the brands was another articulation of Made in Italy, it served to shine the spotlight on Sicily…giving it a seat at the world’s fashion table. 

The Label 

While the wine itself is in a pale pink shade as a Provencal rosé, there’s something of a charming style that can be said about the label which is inspired by a traditional Sicilian cart. A mosaic of pale pink, blue and white it could easily transport one to the breezy Sicilian seashores…..though the dull gold circular border lends an unmistakable touch of refinement. Over the years, the cart has lost its functional need in Sicily, and has taken on a symbolic value of tradition and culture. As also, the hallmark of the island’s craftsmanship. 

Rosa is available for sale from June 2020 onwards




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