Salvatore Ferragamo Elevates The Customer Experience With Microsoft and Hevolus
By : | October 26, 2020

Ferragamo joined forces with Microsoft, and tech partner Hevolus, and Tramezza Made-to-Order was created—a virtual experience that allows both online and in-store customers to customize their shoe by choosing the material, color, sole and buckle of the footwear.

An impeccable blend of tradition and modernity, the Tramezza construction shoe is the most exclusive segment of Salvatore Ferragamo men’s footwear. Prestige detailing, clean lines, quality materials and comfortable fit are the hallmarks of all Ferragamo shoes but they approach the sublime with the tramezza technique that is testament to the craftsmanship and tradition of a heritage brand spanning almost a century.

Image Courtesy – Salvatore Ferragamo

The construction of each single Tramezza consists of 160 steps of precise workmanship. Craftsmanship is integral to the values of Ferragamo and guides each and every stage of production, from the treatment of leather with water and alcohol, to the production of the upper, shaping on the last and the finishing.

Thanks to Microsoft’s Cloud Computing and Mixed Reality technologies, upon which Hevolus’s Augmented Store at Home platform is based, the brand will offer an innovative service to its customers. With this service, they will be able to choose and customize the Tramezza men’s shoe collection, and it will be used in-store or online through an immersive and very high-resolution experience.

As a combination of “high-tech and high-craft” the innovative digital offering allows customers to view the customised footwear on the screen of their device, while also giving them the opportunities to interact with the 3D reproduction to change up their choice of materials, colours, details and finishes.

Wearing Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 smartglasses, brand representatives can share interactive sessions in augmented reality to guide you to the optimal configuration and then manage the order once complete. 

The luxury brand Ferragamo has a series of special in-store events spanning 24 metropolitan hubs (including London, Paris, Tokyo and Mexico City) planned in the coming months to introduce the new service to its customers.