Soel Yachts Offers Solar-Powered Yachts For Guests on an Ultra-Luxury Resort in Bora Bora
By : | June 15, 2020


Soel Yacht 14
Image Courtesy – Soel Yachts

Soel Yachts, a Dutch company specializing in solar yachts, announced its Soel Shuttle 14 line. This series has been designed to accommodate the luxury customers need for clean passenger transport on the water. As a solar electric ferry, the Soel Shuttle 14 is silent and doesn’t emit any pollution.

Soel Shuttle 14
Image Courtesy – Soel Yachts

Two new boats are currently under construction for the Bora Bora Pearl Beach resort. In addition to its over-water bungalows and the Okeanos Pearl, Bora Bora Pearl Beach also features garden pool villas and beach suites with jacuzzis that offer views of Mount Otemanu. A total of 80 rooms and villas are available, while visitors who love the water also have the option of making use of paddle boards, kayaks, outrigger canoes and snorkeling equipment.

This resort has already been usingĀ  SoelCat 12 solar catamaran for more than two years, and now is ready to expand their fleet with two more electric shuttle boats. The Soel Shuttle 14 is designed for smooth rides for big group airport pickups and offers comfortable seating with spacious layout for sustainable tours. This silent noise free and pollution free sustainable travel not just means environment responsibility but also addresses community impact and the human side side of sustainability for this pristine luxury resort.

Though the models currently under construction are for this Polynesian resort, this solar-powered shuttle could also be used in rivers, lakes or other coastal areas.