Ulysse Nardin’s New Watch Is Made From Upcycled Fishing Nets – From The Sea To The Wrist
By : | November 3, 2020
Image Courtesy – Ulysse Nardin

From the ocean to the wrist, DIVER NET by Ulysse Nardin is an innovative solution, a concept watch designed to limit its environmental impact and promote sustainability at the level of excellence.

Ulysse Nardin marked the first milestone in its commitment to the marine circular economy with the launch of the new “R-STRAP”. The strap made of fishing nets is compatible with the DIVER, MARINE and FREAK X watches and made from recycled fishing nets, one of the main sources of ocean plastic pollution.

Image Courtesy – Ulysse Nardin


Ulysse Nardin has teamed up with Ben Lacomte, the first person to swim across the Atlantic ocean with a board, to create the very special R-Strap. The brand is proud to welcome Ben as the newest ambassador to the family of “Ulysses”. Every year, nine million tonnes of plastic are discharged into the sea. Ben Lecomte is a witness on the front line of this invasion. “I’ve seen the impact that plastic has on the marine environment which affects the smallest to the largest organisms, ” Ben said.

Ulysse Nardin also turned to Fil & Fab  (founded by three designers who created the first fishing net recycle sector in France), which recovers nets no longer in use and transforms them into polyamide pellets. The pellets are highly resistant to friction and can be used by different companies for a host of purposes. Ulysse Nardin turned to this materials for the trim elements of the Diver Net bezel and for the case.

Image Courtesy – Ulysse Nardin

Going several steps further, the brand replaces the sapphire glass with a transparent ceramic glass that is made in the Jura Mountains.  The ceramic glass has a lower environmental impact because the energy used in its manufacture is limited.