About Us

In a world where every new brand is struggling to acquire the elusive ‘luxury’ tag, how do you stand out? One, of course, is with your product. Unique elements, beautiful craftsmanship and bespoke qualities ensure that a product finds its fit in the luxury category.


But once you have that beautiful, unique product that can qualify as ‘luxury’, you need to brand your company and market the product in an extremely crowded marketplace. The questions you need to ask yourself: Do you go the traditional way – aggressive advertising and marketing campaigns, or do you let people who understand and know the business help you grow the brand organically?

If it is the latter you desire, LuxuryNext will assist you in building a brand that understands the market it is functioning in, and draw up strategies that hit the bulls eye in those markets. Our biggest strength lies in understanding the Indian luxury market and helping any brand wishing to enter India, to devise marketing and brand strategies that work for a market that’s not just challenging, but also very different from any other market in Asia, Europe or the US.


LuxuryNext is a consulting company created specially to offer individual clients highly specialized services tailored to meet their requirements. We at LuxuryNext believe in flexibility of ideas. The world of luxury is never about ‘one size fits all’ strategies. We specialize in understanding the brand and assisting to develop its own unique brand equity and positioning. With its headquarters in New York and office in New Delhi, we specialize in assisting U.S., Indian and international clients with creative ideas on how they can establish in new and emerging markets. While India is our core strength, our works take us to other markets, too. Our wide range of services include strategic planning, social media initiatives, brand positioning, CRM and PR. We work closely with the brand’s senior management and marketing teams and provide them solutions to increase their sales and market presence.

Our client base includes emerging and established fashion and consumer luxury brands, budding designers, global retailers and luxury associations from India and the US. Our newly rejuvenated blog is a platform on which luxury experts and brands share their views on the business and marketing of luxury.