LVMH Partners With Unesco To Combat Deforestation In The Amazon
By : | April 12, 2021
Image Courtesy – LVMH

LVMH – a partner of the UNESCO MAB (Man and the Biosphere) program, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year – revealed its new biodiversity strategy at the “Our Planet, Our Future” Forum organized by UNESCO. 

According to the announcement at the forum, LVMH’s plan will focus on:

  • “Establishing a clear and precise measurement of biodiversity impact
  • Avoiding and reducing impact on ecosystems
  • Promoting animal welfare and
  • Regenerating ecosystems”

By 2030, the company has made it a goal to regenerate five million hectares of natural habitat. LVMH will work with UNESCO to launch a €5 million programme dedicated to fighting deforestation in the Amazon—dealing specifically with contributing factors and water pollution in the Amazon Basin, honing in on biosphere reserves in Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, and Peru. The initiative will work with local organisations to examine issues such as “reforestation and rehabilitation of degraded lands” and the “creation of sustainable employment and alternative sources of income.”

“Luxury is at the crossroads of nature and creativity. To make quality products, we need nature and we need to renew and protect it. As a world leader in luxury, LVMH is a biodiversity leader. We have made protection an absolute priority and promised to be a model actor for bold, creative and demanding change in building a more sustainable future. To reduce our environmental footprint. The ambitious goals that we continue to set are seen as creative opportunities that go far beyond new limits. The “ACT for Biodiversity” partnership with UNESCO is our strategy. An important pillar, challenging norms, positive and lasting impact across the supply chain, economic development and nature, ”says Antoine Arnault of LVMH Image and Environment.

“For half a century, UNESCO has been a pioneer in biodiversity conservation and sustainable use. The UNESCO Global Network of Biosphere Reserves already counts over 700 experimental and sustainable solution sites. The network itself already occupies more than 5% of the earth’s surface. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of this program, a partnership with the LVMH Group is a concrete way to realize this accumulated experience.” said UNESCO Secretary-General Audre Asley.