Salvatore Ferragamo Launches New Platform To Discuss Sustainability
By : | May 2, 2021
Image Courtesy – Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo launches Sustainable Thinking, a new platform accessible from, and the revamped with thematic features that embrace 360° sustainable thinking.  Sustainable Thinking was created to host, cultivate and amplify discussions about sustainability, inclusivity and community support.

Sustainable Thinking is a new digital platform that brings the brand’s responsible projects and activities
together in one conceptual space, sparking conversation thanks to an international network of contributors
with diverse experiences and perspectives, coming together to hold discussions surrounding the continuous
evolution of sustainability issues.

With a focus on dialogue and open-mindedness, Sustainable Thinking aims to use the internet differently.
Ferragamo values dialogue as a key aspect of sustainability and inclusivity; culture and sharing lie at the heart
of the recovery at this historic moment in time when fragmentation has become normality.
“Our industry has had to rethink timing and priorities. Sustainable Thinking is a starting point and the course
we are charting to achieve the shared dream of an ever more sustainable future,” explained CEO Micaela le
Divelec Lemmi. “Sustainable Thinking is our commitment to being responsible in the creation of real and
long-lasting beauty, by drawing on the fundamental values of Genius loci, like masterful craftsmanship,
technology, research and sustainability.”

The new Sustainable Thinking platform is available in eight languages and has been optimised for all devices.
In addition to Sustainable Thinking, the revamped website offers in-depth
content and integrates with the new, offering an immersive, more effective, user-friendly