LuxuryNext: Your Gateway to Luxury

In the constantly evolving world of luxury, technology and newer ways of doing business are transforming how consumers of luxury perceive brands. It is imperative that luxury brands reach out to their contemporary consumers in a way that is effective and leverages mediums they are comfortable with, like internet and e-commerce.

LuxuryNext is a global boutique consulting firm created with the idea of offering brands and individual clients bespoke marketing solutions and strategies that will help them stay competitive and expand into markets they have never explored before.

The portfolio of services we offer luxury brands include strategizing on the right marketing initiatives for a particular market, researching and understanding its workings, and coming up with creative solutions by liaising with senior management and the marketing team of a brand. Our strength lies in offering innovative solutions and an extensive network, particularly in markets that are new to the brands. The end goal: to ensure that brands maximize their potential in an emerging market.

We believe in coming up with customer-centric solutions since the success of any marketing initiative lies in understanding potential customers. Of course, this is done keeping trends and traditional marketing techniques in perspective. Our core strength lies in offering digital and social media solutions to reach out to an entire new generation of consumers.

While we are headquartered in the U.S, we also have an office in India and enough knowledge about the workings of the Indian market that has left several luxury brands befuddled. We believe in providing creative solutions that are rooted in the reality of contemporary world and the cultural moorings of the country a brand is planning to enter.

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