Mitch Ritter

Born and raised in New York City, Mitch graduated from Colgate University. He went to l’Universite de Geneve to study clinical psychology, as well as training as a Jungian Analyst in Kusnacht. Working in his chosen field for several years, he moved into the business world first as a business consultant for Business International – a subsidiary of The Economist. Hired by one of his clients – Digital Equipment Corporation – European Headquarters (at the time, the second largest computer manufacturer in the world) – Mitch brought his organizational and marketing skills to bear across a range of strategic initiatives, including participating in the launch of what would become one of Digital’s most important lines of business.

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By : Mitch Ritter | July 16, 2013

Clive Christian, who took over the reins to one of the oldest British Perfume Houses, has created pure perfumes in complex formulas with the most precious natural ingredients from the corners of the British Empire. What began as an experiment in promoting all forms of luxury is today a business that spawns bespoke perfumes. Clive […]


By : Mitch Ritter | June 15, 2013

CREDO Milano’s quietly discreet bags and leather accessories combine the charm of handcrafted design with Italy’s finest leather to appeal to a consumer who is both discerning and a connoisseur of bespoke luxury. If Italian style is all about elegance, luxury and a quintessential timelessness, Credo Milano, the bespoke bag brand, epitomises this tradition to […]


By : Mitch Ritter | February 25, 2013

Customer Relationship Management in any market must, of course, be consistent with the general marketing strategy since any deviations from a central theme would invariably confuse the consumer. That being said, each market segment reflects the psychology of the target audience, and constitutes the cornerstone of any and all efforts at building and ensuring loyalty. […]