ZOUK – Organic, Sustainable Luxury Vodka is a Multi Award Winner
By : | September 20, 2020

An exceptionally crafted ultra-premium Polish vodka, ZOUK contains rare organic Dankowskie Platinum Rye from a single-estate and pristine spring water from the glaciers, and undergoes a minimum of 7-times distillation. 

Rare organic Dankowskie platinum rye  + 7X distilling + pristine water = ZOUK

ZOUK, the organic and sustainable spirit, launched by Polish vodka producer, Neilson Europe, is proof that sustainable vodka can be far more luxurious and distinctive than some of the most iconic legacy vodka brands.

Even before its official debut, ZOUK was awarded a Gold medal with 95 points (out of 100) at the renowned 2019 International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC 2019). This competition is also known as the Oscars of the spirits industry.

ZOUK was also awarded the coveted 2020 Gold Medal in the Organic Vodka category at the International Spirits Challenge (ISC) – a London, UK based competition, widely considered one of the top competitions for judging spirits and dominated some of the most iconic brands across the vodka segment

The rare organic Dankowskie platinum rye used in the making of ZOUK is the most premium grade winter grain and also recognized as a gold standard grain for the vodka.It is grown on a single estate located in extremely cold and snowy region of Poland. This rye is organically cultivated in a serene natural environment and spends minimum 80 days under the snow which adds a special character and flavor to it.

The other natural ingredient is pristine natural spring water from the glaciers . This super smooth Polish vodka is produced in accordance with the strict legal requirements of Polska Vodka and contains no sugar or additives.

The packaging is also unique and distinct. The glass bottles are from a famous French luxury glass producer and the bottles are designed and decorated by prominent French and Italian luxury design studios.